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Consumer / Corporate Services

Corporate/ Organizational Services

The ADR Institute of Ontario™ can assist organizations to develop and administer ADR programs designed to resolve disputes between an organization and its customers, clients, patients or employees. Organizations then receive all the benefits of ADR without having to acquire the expertise necessary for a successful program.

Background and Experience:

Individual referrals

ADRIO™ regularly refers lawyers and members of the public to ADR professionals, for a nominal fee. ADR Connect, an electronic tool that will allow members of the public to select professionals to meet their needs is presently being enhanced and upgraded and will be available at our web site free of charge.

Administration and Appointment under the National Rules

In 2002, the ADR Institute of Canada™ published the National Arbitration Rules (revised in 2014 as the ADRIC™ Arbitration Rules). ADRIO™ appoints arbitrators and administers cases pursuant to these Rules.

Commercial contracts drafted by law firms of all sizes across the country commonly contain a clause indicating that any dispute that arises with respect to the contract will be administered by ADRIC™, pursuant to the ADRIC™ Arbitration Rules. Parties can also agree to submit to the rules in the absence of a contractual term.

ETR 407

Since 2000, ADRIO™ has administered disputes between drivers and 407 over amounts charged.

Amex Bank of Canada

Since 2006, ADRIC™ has appointed arbitrators to resolve complaints between Amex Bank of Canada and its credit card holders. This program is widely advertised to card-holders.

Community and Social

Since 2006, ADRIO™  has worked with the Ontario Association of Community Care Access Centres, on behalf of the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, to design and administer a system that would provide Independent Complaint Facilitators (ICFs) to assist in resolving complaints between Community Care Access Centres and their clients.  ADRIO™ regularly appoints ICFs from a qualified and specially selected roster of its members and administers these cases.

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