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The Mission of the ADR Institute of Ontario™ is to:

  • Assist the public, business, and non-profit communities and government bodies at all levels  to consider, design, implement and administer alternative (increasingly known as appropriate) dispute resolution strategies, programmes and processes;
  • Assist all the foregoing to locate ADR professionals with the level of skill and experience required to meet their needs;
  • Provide training standards and accreditation procedures that contribute to the development of a community of ADR practitioners across Ontario that is competent, well educated and highly professional in delivering ADR services to its users;
  • Provide a regulatory infrastructure that includes a Code of Ethics and a Code of Conduct for Mediators that set high standards of practice, as well as providing a complaint and discipline process for any dissatisfied user of ADR services;
  • Provide ADR professionals throughout Ontario with educational and networking opportunities;
  • Speak on behalf of ADR professionals in response to current events and government initiatives.
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