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About Us

History of the ADR Institute of Ontario™

In 1974, the Arbitrator's Institute of Canada Inc. (AIC), formed in Toronto, was incorporated as a public service, non-profit organization, with no government or political affiliations. Its function was to provide the public with the means to resolve disputes of all kinds through arbitration, mediation and other voluntary methods, and to act as a national centre of information, education and research on arbitration and mediation.

In cooperation with various groups across Canada, the Institute was restructured in 1985-86. The AIC (subsequently renamed the Arbitration and Mediation Institute of Canada Inc.) became the umbrella organization to encourage alternate dispute resolution nationally and internationally as well as to coordinate inter-provincial activities. The Arbitration and Mediation Institute of Ontario Inc. was formed to assume these responsibilities in Ontario. In 2002, the Arbitration and Mediation Institute of Ontario became the ADR Institute of Ontario™ (ADRIO™). Among its primary objectives, ADR Ontario strives to

  • Develop competent ADR professionals, including accreditation practices and approval of training programs
  • Provide ADR professionals who are members of the Institute with a structure including accreditation/certification, a Code of Ethics, rules of procedure, complaint and discipline procedures
  • Assist the public, government, private and public sector organizations and associations to understand the potential of ADR
  • Assist the public, government, public and private sector organizations to find competent professionals
  • Provide a united voice for ADR professionals in all matters relating to the practice of ADR in Ontario.
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